What? Barack Obama can sing?

We get very excited when a celeb takes to the mic. It’s guaranteed to be entertaining, often surprising and usually regrettable, for them. Which is great for the rest of us. Here are ten of our favourite celebrity karaoke moments...

1) The Royal Variety - Prince William

Stiff upper lip, good posture, toothy grin, aaaaand sing. Well done Wills. This is probably the most awkward the world has ever seen you, but you dealt with it well. Keep practising that national anthem, and you’ll take the karaoke crown in no time. 

2) The Popular Ones - Harry Styles and Ed Sheeran 

As you would expect, Sheeran carries the vocals here while Harry flaps around, not doing a lot. That boy could stand on stage barking and girls would still flock. No such thing as a bad note from Styles.

3) The Political One - Barack Obama

The world went mental when Obama gave us six words of karaoke. But that’s all we needed; it’s clear he can sing, and he’s quite the smoothie. Oh, Michelle, you lucky lady.

4) The Unexpected - Vin Diesel 

Nothing fast or furious about this, quite the opposite in fact. God only knows what the situation is here; serious or not, this guy really gets in to his singing and shows his rather, sensitive side.

5) The Sporty One - Jack Wilshere 

Generally, they sound terrible, but you can always reply on sports folk to give you passion in karaoke - their dedication and focus is truly inspiring. Jack Wilshere can do no wrong in our eyes, only because he’s using a Lucky Voice mic.

6) The Old Pro - Simon Le Bon

You’ve got to give it to him here - he’s in an office, surrounded by tinsel and people dressed as Umpalumpas while singing into a dodgy mic. Yet he nails it, despite the ridiculously awkward surroundings - good on you Mr Le Bon. Great tash too.

7) The 21st Century Rep - Miley Cyrus 

Ahhhh Miley - the 21 year old daughter of a country singer who believes she is a gangster straight out the 90's. Here she forgets so many lyrics, all she can do is turn round and let her arse take over.

8) The Film Star - Jude Law

Always a pleasant surprise when a film star unveils a voice - whoever knew? Hugely helped out by a very loud crowd drowning out any dud notes, but a great karaoke song and a very respectable performance.

9) The MEN - Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe 

This is how MEN sing karaoke. Roll up your sleeves, loosen your collar and find a wingman. Always a good idea to distract people by looking great, finish it off with a big brotherly hug, and that’s a wrap - and half a million views on YouTube apparently.

10) The Drunk Ones - Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson

The true effects of alcohol on karaoke, as demonstrated by the very slurry R-Patz and Katy Perry. They're in a karaoke club, so this is 100% allowed. Bonus points if you can figure out what R-Patz is singing at 0.26.

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