X Factor 80's Week

X Factor 80's week. Uh-oh.

There’s a high chance that tomorrow’s episode of The X Factor is going to sound like a complete karaoke-fest. Why? Because it’s 80’s week and that means big hair, big tunes and probably Bon Jovi.

There’s something about 80’s songs which makes them go-to karaoke choices, simply because the decade is jam-packed with feel-good, sing-along classics that take over every Wedding, Christmas and solo shower sessions.

It’s not that we get offended when Simon Cowell dislikes a performance because “it sounded like karaoke”, but if he’s setting an 80’s week theme, he needs to prepare himself for a little less talent and a lot more fun - that’s just the way it goes with the 80’s.

Naturally, we have an 80’s playlist ready and waiting if you guys want to have a crack at it yourselves. So when the contestants begin to murder Madge or destroy Duran Duran, turn your remote into a mic and give us your own Careless Whisper...

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