Why every mother needs a Karaoke Kit for Mother's Day

10 reasons why your mother needs a Karaoke Kit for Mother's Day

Whilst we're confident you show your parents every day that you care, Mother's Day requires some extra special effort. You might be thinking flowers, chocolates or a spa day as the perfect gift. Let us stop you right there. Clearly, the only logical way forward to show your mum you really love her, is a Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit

Sure, flowers are delightful...especially those pink roses. But they're no match for our pink home Karaoke Kit that will supply endless fun for her. A Karaoke Kit is for life, not just for Mother's Day. If you're still fence sitting, read on for ten undeniable reasons that show your mum needs some karaoke on Mothering Sunday:

Karaoke Kit for Mother's Day

1. A kit for every kind of mum, we've got pink, blue, white or gold mics.

2. Unlike a bouquet, our kits won't wilt and die after a week. They're here for the long haul.

3. A gift that gives to others - your mum can use it to entertain dinner guests with friends.

4. A fine mothering tool, our kit will keep the children quiet for hours. Well, maybe not quiet...but amused at least.

5. Super easy to use, even those non-tech savvy mums will be able to sing within minutes.

6. Take her 'cooking in the kitchen singalong session' up a few notches.

7. Singing has physical and emotional benefits (read here for the full low down) so a karaoke kit will actually be a healthy beneficial present.

8. We've got easy peasey online ordering and delivery in time for Sunday 6th March.

9. The unexpected and unusual gifts are always the ones they remember the most.

10. She's unique and deserves a unique present. Enter Karaoke Kit. 

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