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Outdoor Karaoke Party: Singing With Your Friends In The Garden

The sun is out, lockdown restrictions have eased a little bit, and gardens are the place to meet up! So for all karaoke lovers out there, why not host the most brilliant outdoor karaoke party in your back garden using Lucky Voice Karaoke

It’s that time to meet up with all your friends and family who you haven’t seen for months, and what better way to reconnect with them than to have a huge feel-good sing along together?

We have previously shown you how to have an online karaoke party, so here are some pro tips on hosting the most exciting and entertaining outdoor karaoke party in the garden with your friends and family.

Download our app to set up the karaoke party

To set up the karaoke party outdoors, you will need to download the Lucky Voice App from the app store for IOS users or our web player for Android users. You will need an internet connection for this, so ensure that your wifi is functioning properly from your garden.

Once you have the app, log on to our Online Karaoke Player and begin to choose what songs you and your friends would like to sing.

Set up your Lucky Voice karaoke machine and ensure that it is connected to your laptop and iPad so that everyone can see the screen.

Also, do a quick sound and equipment check before the party begins!

80s? 90s? Musicals? One-hit wonders?

To provide the best experience for your guests, we recommend that you choose a particular theme for your outdoor karaoke party. There are countless themes to choose from, including the 70s/80s/90s, heartbreak songs, soundtracks from films and musicals, or current chart hits. You could even mix it up and choose two opposing themes to give your guests more choice - the more the better!

You could even extend this and insist on a dress code that matches your musical theme, which would undoubtedly heighten the excitement and buzz surrounding your party. Who doesn’t love a good fancy dress outing?

Have your playlists ready

There is nothing worse than being unprepared and wasting time choosing which song to sing next, as this will bore your friends. Or even playing the same song over and over again!

Be sure to prepare a playlist or several playlists in which you have the karaoke songs lined up, so you and your friends will easily be able to flow from song to song.

Canopies and Lighting 

Since you’ll all be outside, it is worth considering whether to buy a canopy or even an outdoor umbrella for your table, in case the sun is shining too brightly in your guests’ eyes. Or even if it begins to drizzle slightly, it is always best to keep dry!

Get creative with the food and drinks

To spice up your karaoke party and make it the most memorable one yet, it is a good idea to get creative with the food and drink you provide for your friends and family.

You might want to prepare some fruity summer cocktails that will go perfectly with the bright sunny weather we are currently experiencing. Nothing feels better than being carefree and singing with your friends whilst sipping on a refreshing summer beverage.

As you will all be busy singing your hearts out, it might be a good idea to provide some finger foods and little niblets that you don’t necessarily have to heat up, as you will be outdoors the majority of the time.

Again, you could match the food with the theme. For example, if you’ve chosen to sing Spanish songs, you could provide tapas to perfectly round off your theme!

Be the best host!

Remember that this is your outdoor karaoke party that you are hosting and that you also need to enjoy it and sing your heart out when you can!

It can be so easy to get caught up in the many responsibilities of hosting a party that it is important to take a break and have lots of fun - the same way your friends will be! Act cool, and be confident in your hosting skills!

You can sing karaoke online in the comfort of your home with our karaoke system. Our karaoke machines can connect to your phone, laptop or smart TV and give you access to over 10,000 songs to sing.

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