The Top 20 Karaoke Songs Of 2019 So Far

We're not even halfway through 2019 yet but it has already been an unbelievable year for music, and that can only mean one thing: new anthems to belt out at your next karaoke session! From the chart-dominating brilliance of Ariana Grande to the lesser-known bangers of artists like Lizzo – we give you the top songs of 2019 so far to sing at karaoke!

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1) 7 Rings – Ariana Grande

You could include most of the songs from Ms. Grande's Thank U, Next album in this round up! The pick of the bunch to sing at karaoke, however, has to be 7 Rings. You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it!

2) Someone You Loved – Lewis Capaldi

A brilliant song for channeling all of the feels at your next karaoke session. And, if you truly feel like cry-singing, make sure to watch the music video starring former Doctor Who and cousin of Lewis thrice removed Peter Capaldi beforehand!

3) Dancing With A Stranger – Sam Smith & Normani

A great track for singing away some relationship blues, this instant classic from Sam Smith and Normani is unbelievably catchy.

4) Juice – Lizzo

Probably the funnest chorus to sing of any track on this round up: "It ain’t my fault that I'm out here gettin’ loose, Gotta blame it on the Goose, Gotta blame it on my juice, baby, It ain't my fault that I'm out here makin' news, I’m the pudding in the proof, Gotta blame it on my juice!"

5) Giants – Calvin Harris ft. Rag'n'Bone Man

There simply isn't a better karaoke track to sing when you're feeling like a globe trotting titan that's on top of the world!

6) So Am I – Ava Max

A wonderful ode to being different, So Am I is a fab karaoke pick for an alternative romantic duet. Or you can just belt it out solo like a boss, dealer's choice!

7) Here With Me – Marshmello ft. CHVRCHES

As soppy a love song as you're ever likely to hear or sing, make sure you check out the music video as well – it's an emotional rollercoaster! An ideal romantic ballad to perform with someone you love.

8) Wow – Post Malone

If you're balling at the expense of some haters, you need to get a bit of Post Malone to your life and Wow is one of his best tracks to date. Be warned: this is a trickier karaoke pick than most!

9) Who Do You Love – The Chainsmokers

The fat bass lines of Who Do You Love gives singers plenty of excuse to throw some moves down while belting out The Chainsmokers' lyrics about suspected infidelity.

10) Talk – Khalid

A fresh and funky track that's perfectly suited to a bit of summer singing. Try replicating Khalid's outfit from the music video if you're really looking to bring a bit of Miami heat to your next karaoke session!  

11) Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored – Ariana Grande 

Another banger from Thank U, Next – Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored is a fantastic karaoke choice for those looking to channel their inner sassy b***.

12Walk Me Home – P!nk 

The lead single from her eighth studio album, Walk Me Home is a surprisingly optimistic and sentimental track from the usually edgy P!nk.

13) Pretty Shining People – George Ezra

Everything George Ezra touches seems to turn to gold at the moment and Pretty Shining People is no exception! "Hey pretty smiling people, we're alright together..."

14) Don't Fee Like Crying – Sigrid

A modern day I Will Survive, Don't Feel Like Crying is the perfect karaoke choice for anyone in the process of overcoming a break up!

15) Last Hurrah – Bebe Rexha 

A wonderfully melancholy party anthem that's sure to resonate with anyone that has a self-destructive streak! 

16) Let Me Down Slowly – Alex Benjamin ft. Alessia Cara

Alec Benjamin's original track was already brilliant, but the re-release of Let Me Down Slowly as a duet with Alessia Cara gives his breakout single an added depth and also means it's much better suited to karaoke duets.

17) Daya – Insomnia

Who would have thought Daya would release a trippy trance anthem about lover-induced insomnia? And who would have thought said trance anthem's all night rave vibe would make for such a great party karaoke choice!

18) Just You And I – Tom Walker

A superbly charming single from Tom Walker with a cute music video to match, Just You And I is another great song for couples to perform together. Ed Sheeran better watch out, there's a challenger for the crown of the most adorable ginger pop star in Britain!

19) Please Me – Cardi B and Bruno Mars

A retro groove featuring two of the biggest names in music, Please Me is as explicit as it gets, so maybe one to avoid if your next karaoke session is going to be with any close family members/work colleagues!

20) Sucker – The Jonas Brothers

A predictably catchy love song from the masters of pop rock, Sucker is another chart topper from The Jonas Brothers that you'll likely hear on the radio for the rest of the year. Make sure to check out the music video that stars each of The Brothers' wives.

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