X Factor auditions week 4 - can you do better?

Finally, we've reached boot-camp. It always feels like the arena auditions last a lifetime doesn't it? But last weekend saw the final auditions on the Saturday lead straight into the first of the boot-camp sessions on the Sunday. It does seem quite tough for the contestants as they're thrown together to battle it out in groups with people they don't know. We saw tears, tantrums, arguments (lots of them) and one rather drunk guy. Interesting. 

However, what we also saw were some amazing singers and awesome song choices. In fact there were many tunes that we'd consider top karaoke tracks.  If you think you can do better than this X Factor lot (sober or drunk, we don't mind) then click on the links below and give it a go! 

Best of the arena auditions: 

Husband and wife sing their delightful duet version of Up:

Sherilyn Hamilton-Shaw delivers a moving performance with I Didn't Know My Own Strength:

Anton wows the crowd with his version of Budapest:

Joseph McCaul has to double up with A Change Is Gonna Come then Wanna Dance With Somebody to try impress the big cat Cowell:

Best of boot-camp:

It seems that really, Anything Could Happen. And it did. Oh dear:

Looks like she took the idea of Blank Space a little too literally here:

Be My Baby is such a classic and the girls smashed it:

We do love a bit of Man In The Mirror and thankfully, this lot do it justice:

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