Top 20 lyrics that just make no sense whatsoever

Part of the beauty of karaoke is that you can actually see what words you're meant to be singing. Sure, we often like to make our own words up or hum through the bits we don't know in the shower, but it really does help when you can read the lyrics on screen.

However, the downside of this is we get to read what the artists are singing, and often, the lyrics make absolutely no sense whatsoever. 

So, here are our top 20 nonsensical lyrics. We don't know what they mean, and probably never will.  Thank you J-Law and Miss Swift for aptly expressing how we feel. 

1. Train - Drops of Jupiter. "Since the return from her stay on the moon, she listens like spring and she talks like June."

This is basically a bunch of words put together to make a sentence that sounds nice when they sing it. 

2. Hozier - Take Me To Church. "Drain the whole sea, get something shiny, something meaty for the main course."

Does draining the sea mean then you automatically get something shiny from it? But wouldn't it have rusted by now being on the bottom of the sea bed? And what's that got to do with meat and dinner? We're so confused it hurts. 

3. Jay Z - Run This Town. "Have you ever had shoes without shoe strings?"

The idea we sort of get...Jay Z are you discussing Velcro shoes? Or slip ons? But like, what is the point of this sentence? So you once wore Velcro trainers to school, does that foretell something about your adult life? We wished we knew. 

4. The Killers - Bones. "But I don't really like you, apologetically dressed in the best, but on a heartbeat glide."

Don't even get us started on the syntax of this sentence or the meaning behind it. No idea. 

5. Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A 'G'.  "Gimme the microphone first so I can bust like a bubble"

Burst like a bubble, sure. Bust like a bubble? Not sure.

6. The Killers - When You Were Young. "We're burnin' down the highway skyline on the back of a hurricane."

Oh we see, hello to the repeat offenders. Once again, a nonsensical sentence. Well done Killers, well done. 

7. Counting Crows - Holiday In Spain. "Someone's stole my shoes but there's a couple of bananas and a bottle of booze."

Righhhhttttttt. Sure. 

8. Spice Girls - Wannabe. "I really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig-ah."

We'd really really want it too, if we knew what it was.

9. Rita Ora - Radioactive. "Moving on me as the world ends, this nuclear heat is a beautiful air."

We just don't ever think you can claim nuclear heat to be beautiful air. And if it was nuclear, you wouldn't be around long enough to write a song about it. 

10. Pharrell - Happy. "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof."

Sorry? What? Would it even be a room without a roof? And how do we know what it feels like to be that room, should the roof disappear. Wouldn't the room feel bare? Is that not bad? We're not happy Pharrell, we're mind blown. 

11. Lorde - Royals. "But every song is like gold teeth."

Let's not even go there with this one.

12. Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes. "As every voice is hanging from the silence."

So like, voices hang from silence? But then surely it wouldn't be silence would it? And can something actually hang off 'silence'? Hanging on every word, sure, we understand. But hanging from silence? Shakira, no poppet. 

13. Adele - Set Fire To The Rain. "Set fire to the rain."

We love you Adele and we love this song in all its glory...but come on now. Admit it. The idea of setting fire to the rain is an impossible concept. It's nonsense. Whilst we're all out here with our lighters and matches in a storm, nothing much is happening. 

14. The Killers - Human. "Are we human, or are we dancer?"

Okay Killers now you're just making us mad. 

15. The Beatles - I Am The Walrus. "I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob'."


16. Michael Jackson - Earth Song. "What about elephants? Have we lost their trust?"

Michael, we never had their trust. That's why they'd probably kill us on the spot. But if you really want to start wondering about stuff like this, then what about all the tigers, lions and bears oh my...

17. Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow. "Beats so big I'm stepping on leprechauns."

Like, this is just ABSURD.

18. Bloodhound Gang - Bad Touch. "Sweat baby sweat baby sex is a Texas drought."

Nope...we've sung it, wrote it and re-read it over and over and at no point does the penny drop and we understand what is being discussed here.

19. D-12 - Purple Hills. "But nothing compares to these blue and yellow purple hills."

Are you rapping about the colour chart from Art at school, in which blue and yellow makes purple?  So are the hills just purple then? Or, are the hills purple and shades of lovely yellow and a few blue hills too?  Wait...does this even MATTER?

20. Dappy - Good Intentions. "See we ain't any different but we just ain't the same."

Oh stop it now. Dappy by name, Dappy by nature. 

Why not give all the tunes a go (regardless if you understand what the hell they're going on about) and sing along with our Top 20 Nonsensical Lyrics playlist!

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